Welcome To Pilot Club of Cullman

There's more than one kind of "Pilot." The Pilots in the Pilot Club of Cullman don't fly airplanes but we do soar when it comes to service and friendship in our community. That's what being a Pilot is all about - serving our community with a spirit of friendship along side our fellow Pilot sisters. The Pilot Club of Cullman was born in 1982 and there are still 3 active charter members working in our club today! Our members range in age from 25 to 85 and we're proud of our diversity. What a wealth of experience and ideas that melt together to form a creative, determined, and hard-working team of women! We've accomplished great things over the years and our sights are set high for future plans as well.

Pilot Club of Cullman supports:

  • Pilot Light Home
  • Magaret Jean Jones Center
  • Field of Miracles
  • Special Olympics
  • Alzheimer's Support Group
  • BrainMinders
  • Project Lifesaver

As with most Pilot Clubs, we focus our energy toward community awareness and prevention of brain-related disorders and supporting those living with those disorders and their caregivers.

The Pilot Club of Cullman meets on the second Tuesday of every month in the AllSteak Banquet Room at 6pm.