BrainMinders™ is a youth education program targeting children ages 3-6. The program is designed to promote brain awareness and teach children how to protect their brains from injury.

The BrainMinder Buddies™ program structures injury prevention "Play Safe, Play Smart" through a puppet show that tells the story of "Wise Old Owl and his Fuzzy, Funny, Smart and Sunny BrainMinder Buddies™".

  • Gerald Giraffe - helmet safety
  • Martin Monkey - playground safety
  • Penny Panda - seatbelt safety
  • Fiona Fox - crossing the street safety

The Pilot Club of Cullman presents the BrainMinders™ program at Primary Schools. Each student receives a sixteen page coloring book that includes information and activities for the parents and coloring pages with tips and activities for the children. You can read more about the BrainMinders™ program by visiting