Other Projects

The Pilot Club of Cullman is involved with many worthwhile projects throughout our community. Some of our current projects include:

Margaret Jean Jones Center

Margaret Jean Jones Center is a center devoted to providing day-time care and attention for adults living with brain-related disorders. The Pilot Club of Cullman has a long-standing relationship with the center, providing entertainment, books, cook-outs, refreshments, story-telling, among other things. One example is the annual Christmas party thrown by the Pilot Club for attendees. Pilots lead the residents in Christmas carols, tell Christmas stories, provide refreshments, play games, and decorate.

Pilot Light Home

The Cullman Pilot Club’s first community service project, the Pilot Light Home, was developed to meet a growing need in our community. Since 1982, children needing a temporary home have found safe shelter, food, clothing, and love at the Pilot Home.

Field of Miracles

Pilots provide support and encouragement for Field of Miracles participants as well as scholarship money for those who might not otherwise be able to participate. Making them feel appreciated and loved is what we’re all about!

Alabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults

Alabama's Special Camp for Children and Adults is a place where campers with disabilities have the opportunity, in a safe environment, to participate in horseback riding, swimming, canoeing, fishing, arts and crafts, waterslide, water tubing and many other normal camping activities.

The Cullman Pilots join with 30 other Pilot Clubs in Alabama to raise money to support building and maintaining this nationally recognized therapeutic recreation facility. This joint effort each year raises over $10,000.

Alzheimer's Support Group

Alzheimer's Support Group is sponsored by Cullman Regional Medical Center for caregivers of family or friends with Alzheimer.

Cullman Pilots provide refreshments and a program for this group as well as friendship and conversation one month a year.

Pilot International

Pilot International is a volunteer service organization which was founded in 1921. Its members share a common desire to help people in need.

The main focus of Pilot International is helping people affected by brain related disorders.

The Pilot Club of Cullman contributes funds to supports the overall service focus of Pilot International: brain safety, brain research, and assistance to those with brain-related disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, traumatic brain injuries, and numerous other brain related disabilities. This is done through grants and scholarships.

Twice a year grants are awarded to Pilot Clubs to support projects that benefit people with brain related disorders or disabilities.

Each year four scholarships are awarded to students preparing for careers working with people affected by brain related disorder or disabilities.

The Pilot Club International and The Pilot Club of Cullman offers its members the opportunity to make a positive difference in their communities and globally as they build lasting friendships within their clubs.